About Recs

Why Recs?

Recs was born out of a need to fix 2 problems in travel:


"Where should we stay? What should we eat? What should we do once we're there?"

Making travel decisions is increasingly challenging in today’s noisy world (and can be nerve-wrecking when planning an expensive trip!)


“I’m planning a trip!
Anyone have any recs?”

Giving and receiving travel recommendations between friends isn’t as easy or efficient as it should be (despite being such a reliable source of information!)

So what is Recs?

Recs is the place to easily log, share and access trusted travel recommendations when you need them, helping to improve the online and offline travel experience for all.

Everyone you know (whether they realize it or not) is sitting on personal lists of “must-dos when you visit this city’’ but because these recs are usually undocumented (read: only exists in your friend’s mind) or documented in a multitude of ways (email, docs, phone notes, oh my!) - it’s not always easy to get the information you want when you need it.

Recs solves that by being a free-to-use, centralized platform for all of these trusted recommendations. Our mission is to make it easier to make travel booking decisions. It’s as simple as that!

How do I add Recs?

As a user, it takes less than 10 seconds to add a Rec. Just sign up or log in, and click “Add a Rec” at the top of every page. Once you’ve added it, you’ll never have to again! Next time your friend asks for your Recs, you can just say, “No problem - everything is up on Recs.com.”

What else can I do?

See who else has recommended the same place
This is one of the main reasons we created Recs. If five of your friends all recommend the same place (and they don’t even know each other), that seems like a no-brainer booking decision. Also see what friends have recommended one of your own Recs so you can discuss your mutual love for it.

Make lists as you plan
Use our “Add to List” feature to create lists of Recs you’re interested in when planning a trip or to customize lists for friends who request your Recs. View your lists in Menu -> My Lists and share with friends via email.

Manage your privacy
Head to “My Privacy” in the menu to manage your Privacy settings in 3 ways:
  1. Only me
    (Log your Recs privately like a personal travel journal)
  2. Share Recs with Facebook friends only
  3. Share with Everyone

Book something!
Recs is all about making it easy to refine a user’s travel research from the start, serving them recommendations they know they can trust. If enough people you trust refer a certain place, it should hopefully help to streamline your travel research and booking process.

In order to book, just click the “Visit website” on that place’s details page and handle all your booking or reservation-making directly with the hotel, restaurant, attraction, etc. From time to time, Recs will receive a small commission (that costs you nothing) from these bookings. We thank you very much for that and for supporting the businesses directly!